Tips for Opossum Removal in Dublin, OH

Opossums are the only species of marsupial native to North America. They are common in many areas of the country, including Ohio, and are known for “playing possum,” or feigning death, as a means of defending themselves against predators. These bizarre mammals don’t generally pose much of a threat in the wild, but when they choose to take up residence beneath porches or inside of attics, or have started stealing garbage and harassing pets, it’s time to start looking into Opossum Removal in Dublin OH.

Remove Attractants

The first step to take toward getting rid of possums is to remove their food sources. These animals are resourceful scavengers that will eat just about any type of plant or animal matter that’s made available to them and can find shelter in just about any dry, covered area. Removing attractants such as fallen fruit, pet food, garbage, and compost piles can go a long way toward convincing opossums to look elsewhere.

Limit Access

Actual damage from opossums typically only occurs when they start getting into garbage or gaining access to the home’s attics or outbuildings. Limiting their access to these areas by securing all garbage and closing off any entryways to attics, garages, sheds, and poultry houses may convince them to look elsewhere for shelter, but it is only effective if no possums are present in these buildings when the entryways are sealed. Be sure to check the home’s vents, screens, and siding for holes and trim any tree branches that are hanging within ten feet of the home’s roof.

Understand Control Methods

If these passive control methods don’t produce the results that homeowners are looking for, they’ll have to look into more proactive forms of Opossum Removal in Dublin OH such as live traps, electronic repellents, and fencing. Most homeowners find it is much easier to simply hire a professional to remove any possums that are currently inhabiting the home safely and efficiently and offer preventative services to stop them from coming back. Contact Wildlife Control Company to learn about the methods they use for removing problem possums or to schedule an appointment with a dedicated wildlife removal specialist today to get started.

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