Hurricane Roll Down Shutters – 3 Key Tips to Find the Best Ones for Your Home

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Home Improvement

When you make your home in Florida, whether you are in Port Charlotte, FL, Punta Gorda, FL or elsewhere, you know the dangers that tropical storms and hurricanes can bring. You want to keep your property as safe as possible, and that often means getting some hurricane roll downs for your property. Of course, if you have never bought this type of product before, you might not know where to turn or what type of features are the most important to consider.

Tip #1: Professional Installation

When you are choosing your roll downs, you need to make sure that you are choosing to have them installed only by professionals. Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures offer fully licensed contractor services providing homes with the best quality roll downs, as well as other types of shutters and doors to keep them safe from hurricanes. They also offer screen rooms.

Tip #2: Simple to Use

When a hurricane is coming, you want to make sure your home is protected as quickly as possible. This means you want to have hurricane roll downs that are simple to use. A single button press is all it should take to start the shutters. In fact, in some cases, just one or two button presses will be all you need for all of the shutters in the entire home.

In addition, you will want to make sure that you understand how to use the shutters, and that they have an extra battery – just in case.

Tip #3: Metal Is Better

There are some companies out there that will offer PVC shutters for the roll downs. However, they tend not to be a great choice, as they are not always able to stand up to the weather. Instead, you will want to make sure that you have metal shutters for your home’s protection.

When you keep these three tips in mind, you will find that it tends to be easier to make the right choice when it comes to your roll downs. Whether you need to have vinyl and acrylic window protection, accordion shutters, new doors, or anything else to keep your home safe from the hurricanes and inclement weather that sometimes strikes in Florida, be sure to have help from the best.

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