Bats and Guano: How Animal Control in Dublin OH Handles Bats in the Attic

There’s a small group of people who love bats. They find them mostly adorable, and cuddly, but almost always at a distance. There’s another (much larger group) that wants nothing to do with them. As cuddly as they are for the select few empathetic Columbus residents out there, they do need to be handled. What do Columbus residents need to know about bats in their attic?

Why Animal Control Won’t Kill the Bats

Bat infestations are treated unlike nearly any other kind of animal infestation. Perhaps the first thing any family should know is that the bats are not to be killed. The most obvious reason is that killing bats are illegal. They are an invaluable addition to the ecosystem. But, there are practical reasons for this as well that play into the law. For one, there’s no realistic method for killing bats. Poisons have been largely ineffective, and the bats could simply leave the area. They also don’t eat poison like live insects- they eat live insects.

Treatment Methods

The main treatment methods for getting bats out of the home are property-based. Animal control in Dublin OH focuses on bottleneck points. These are areas where the bats enter and exit the property. Typically, there are only two points to be considered about. In fiction, there’s often one exit that the bats burst out of in a funnel. It’s the same in reality. The team will add a box to the space that does not allow for a return-entrance.

Bats will be unwilling to leave their home, so they may very well try to find a new entry point. But, they won’t try too hard. Families will need to keep an eye on the following weeks after work has been done. Usually, Animal control in Dublin OH will come back to the property after about a month for a review. There’s also the matter of post-removal cleaning, including disposing of guano (which attracts insects) and contaminants.

For more on treating bats, Click here. The website offers a well of information on getting a grip on just about any animal that can be found in Columbus. There’s always a method of doing it safely and legally.

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