The Benefits of Hiring Commercial Pool Service Sacramento CA

Hiring a Commercial Pool Service Sacramento CA may seem like an expensive undertaking, but many commercial pool operators consider it well worth the money paid. Swimming pool contaminants, especially pathogenic contaminants, are of greatest concern in commercial swimming pools. Professional swimming pool technicians keep commercial pools clean and treated with the proper sanitizers, ensuring contaminants do not get introduced into the pool water. To avoid circumstances that might result in the closure of a commercial swimming pool, pool operators need to be aware of four maintenance concerns:

  • Filtration & Circulation – Swimming pool filters are a major and necessary piece of equipment needed to keep a pool clean. Ensuring proper filtration and circulation is critical to maintaining water cleanliness. A swimming pools circulation system is composed of a skimmer, pump, pump strainer, drains and filter. Altogether they ensure that the chemicals work effectively and that the water is properly filtered.
  • Sanitation – Maintaining the proper level of sanitation in commercial pools is critical due to the heavy use they receive. Low levels of sanitizer will not effectively control pathogens in the water, potentially causing swimmers to become ill. On the other hand, high levels can cause eye irritation, dry skin and damaged hair. In either case, improper levels may result in the health department closing the pool, impacting revenue and potentially damaging the pool equipment. Click here for the best commercial pool services in Sacramento CA.
  • Probe fouling – The accumulation of contaminants such as sweat, lotions and body oils, can form a thin coating on the probes surface. The effect is a reduction in the probes ability to detect changes in sanitizer levels. Several automatic cleaning systems are available to keep probes free of contaminants and coatings. These systems are ideally suited for use in commercial swimming pools.
  • Routine water testing – For commercial pools, a comprehensive water analysis needs to be performed daily to ensure safe and clean swimming water. Pool water testing should be performed to make sure the pH and chlorine parameters are properly balanced.

With the level of maintenance required in the care of commercial swimming pools, the first step should be choosing Geremia Pools for their Commercial Pool Service Sacramento CA. With over 50 years of experience, they offer commercial pool maintenance packages customized to the needs of your facility.

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