Tear That Plastic Off Your Windows With The Installation Of New Custom Casement Windows

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Home Improvement

Do you place plastic on the inside or the outside of your windows? Do your windows fog? Do you have to keep your thermal drapes completely closed in the summer or winter due to the cold or heat penetrating into your home? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, your windows need replaced with Custom Casement Windows. Taping or stapling plastic to your windows is unsightly and will never be as energy efficient as new windows. The money that you save in energy costs will pay for the new windows in no time.

Your windows make a large statement about your home. They can beautify your home plus offer you savings in energy costs while making your home look beautiful. Quality Custom Casement Windows can help to keep noise from entering your home. You can choose from:

  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Clad Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Manufacturer Spec Installations
  • And many more.

Vinyl windows are very popular because of the low maintained. You don’t have to paint or stain them and they are almost 100% scratch resistant. They are also very economical and you can choose from a wide selection of styles. Vinyl windows are also very resistant to heat flow due to their moderate to high R-values.

Clad windows are another great choice for your window needs. They are highly durable and a good choose for homes that are exposed to the elements a lot. They are resistant to humidity and have little to no water condensation on the inside of the window. You can also choose to have a natural wood casing exposed on the inside of your home instead of vinyl. Aluminium clad windows can increase the structural stability of your home and are low maintenance.

When you choose custom replacement windows, you can increase the resale value of your home up to 114%. Increasing the light into your home by keeping your drapes or blinds open can eliminate the use of artificial light during the daylight hours that will save you money. They will also help to improve the security of your home due to the improved locking system. You can have a beautiful home and peace of mind when you install new custom windows in your home. Click here for further details.

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