A Few Good Reasons How Hot Tub Spas Pearland Can Benefit You

by | May 15, 2017 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Long before two guys with the last name Jacuzzi, invented today’s modern hot tub, humanity has been reaping the benefits of hot water therapy. Early humans used pools and streams fed by natural hot springs for their warmth and healing effects. The ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt, Rome, and Asia, harnessed the waters of hot springs for therapeutic and recreational purposes, by erecting entire structures around them.

The following are some of the benefits that soaking in Hot Tub Spas Pearland can provide:

  • Better Sleep – It’s not just your imagination that soaking in a hot bath tub relaxes you and helps you fall asleep. The warm water slightly raises the body’s internal temperature and relaxes the muscles allowing one to fall asleep faster and sleep longer without waking.
  • Reduces Stress – The warm water of a hot tub increases blood flow and lowers blood pressure which results in a relaxed state of mind and body. It’s difficult to be anxious, uptight, and stressed, if you are relaxed.
  • Reduces arthritic pain – For those suffering with arthritic pain, tendoniti, and body aches and pains in general, a long soak in a hot tub installed by Visit us, may provide some relief. Because the warm water increases internal body temperature, the blood vessels dilate and circulation increases, in turn allowing the muscles to relax. The water provides buoyancy for the body, encouraging a wider range of motion and flexibility, which is why many physical and rehabilitation therapists use hydrotherapy in their programs.
  • Reduces Headaches – You might wonder how soaking in a hot tub could possibly relieve a headache. Consider that for many headaches, the common triggers are tension, stress, or stuffed sinuses. By soaking in a hot tub, your muscles become relaxed and not tense, tension is reduced so stress headaches are less likely, and the steam from the hot tub loosen congestion, providing relief from blocked sinuses.

Another appealing side effect of spending time in hot tub spas Pearland may be lowered blood sugar levels. Recent medical studies suggest the those with type 2 diabetes reported lower blood sugar levels after repeated sessions in hot tubs. It is believed that the warm water mimics some of the benefits of physical activity, which is known to effectively lower blood sugar, in type 2 diabetics.

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