Choosing Outdoor Post Lighting to Update the Appearance of a Neighborhood

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Home Design Services

Updating a neighborhood can be done in a variety of ways. One of those ways is to update the outdoor lighting to give it a more modern appearance. Discover a few things to consider when selecting modern lighting for a neighborhood or community.

Glass Type

The type of glass chosen for outdoor post lighting can instantly give it a modern look. For instance, textured or prismatic glass can give outdoor lighting a unique appearance. This type of glass provides plenty of light as well as visual appeal. Textured or prismatic glass gives off a soft glow that can change the whole tone of a neighborhood after the sun goes down.


Another thing to consider when choosing outdoor lighting is shape. There are many unique shapes available today including teardrops, acorns, squares and globes. These are out of the ordinary shapes that can give a neighborhood a bit of modern flair.


Outdoor lighting can have a fixture that reflects the design theme of a neighborhood. Selecting lighting with a theme echoing a neighborhood’s design is an easy way to bring visual harmony to the scene. A modern fixture can be paired with frosted or beveled glass to make it even more special for a neighborhood. Fixtures can even be chosen to enhance the look of the street signs throughout the area.

Finally, the lighting in a neighborhood can do much more for an area than provide illumination.

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