Considering Today’s Trends in Custom Granite Countertops in Kansas City, MO

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Home Improvement

When homeowners plan a kitchen remodeling project, they don’t want features that already look dated. They may have heard, for instance, that granite is no longer in favor for kitchen countertops. This is a misconception, however. The trends regarding granite focus on colors and patterns instead of on the material itself. Anyone who wants custom granite countertops in Kansas City, MO, need not worry about today’s trends.

Colors and Patterns
The main consideration for custom granite countertops in Kansas City, MO, that look completely up to date is the choice of neutral or light colors and subtle patterns. Instead of bright jade, they might choose a blend of light green and beige. Grey, silver tones and off-white are strongly in favor.

Nevertheless, people who truly want bold colors and an eye-catching pattern may still want to order this style. They plan to stay in their home for many years to come, and they want to boost their own satisfaction. They don’t care much about trends, and resale value is unimportant for now. It’s impossible to predict what will be popular in kitchen design 20 years from now.

Subtlety Combined With Bold Choices
Many homeowners like a combination of both neutral and eye-catching features. They might choose a more subtle hue for the countertops and add colorful backsplashes with intriguing designs. Bright paint is another possibility as a complement to the more neutral countertop tones. Anyone who would like to get an estimate for countertop replacement may contact Gaumats International, LLC using details at website.

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