What to Expect from Water Damage Restoration in Kenneth City

by | Feb 24, 2020 | Restoration

Water damage is a serious issue to have in your home, business, and property. You can remedy the situation with water damage restoration, and here is what to expect from this service.

Know the Extent of the Water Damage

The water damage that you see on the surface is most likely just the beginning. A company that specializes in water restoration performs a thorough evaluation of the interior of the walls, foundation, and other parts of the building to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the damage. The report includes any destruction to wood and other materials, mold and mildew found, and other important information.

Find and Repair the Source of the Water Leak

Apart from flooding during heavy rains, you may not know the source of the water damage. You may have a leak in your roof or a crack in the foundation that allowed water to seep inside the structure. Water damage restoration from Kenneth City professionals helps you find the source of the leak so it can be repaired.

Restore Your Property

The centerpiece of water damage restoration is to remove any problems that started when the structure was flooded or affected by water. This includes removing any materials that have mold and mildew, such as carpeting, furniture, wood framing, and ceilings.

Learn More About Water Damage Restoration in Kenneth City

Dry Standard Restoration LLC specializes in water damage restoration services for homes and commercial properties. Call them today to learn more and schedule a time with one of their restoration professionals. You can also visit their website at www.drystandardrestoration.com.

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