Add Personality to Your Home With Attractive Streetlamp Globes

by | Aug 2, 2019 | Home Design Services

Streetlamps make neighborhoods safer and more appealing. The right streetlamp light cover can also add charm, elegance or old-time style to the lamps on your property. Perhaps more importantly, they shed light on what would otherwise be a dark street. You may have streetlamps on posts by the street, mounted to your house next to the door or illuminating your garden. When a globe breaks or you just want to freshen things up with a new style, it’s nice to have a choice of replacements.

Round globes are popular and available in many sizes. If you have a lamp post with multiple heads, it may have a large globe in the center with smaller ones surrounding it. Clear globes allow maximum illumination, while white or bronze globes give a softer look. If you like a round shape with a bit more pizzazz, look at prismatic globes. They have a textured surface that breaks up the light and makes it sparkle. Sculptured styles give your streetlamp light cover a unique flair. They resemble jars with decorative lids. The Trinidad and Acorn models are perennial favorites.

Special shapes can really make your home stand out. A flame-shaped cover is fun, while clear cubes are just quirky enough to stand out. Cylindrical and egg-shaped covers are other unusual shapes that you might enjoy. Post top fixtures are reminiscent of the old carriage-house lamps. The black or white housing with the finial on top is a classic look.

An option that’s getting a lot of attention in coastal Florida and other densely populated areas is the dark sky globe. This style is designed to optimize the light that flows downward while minimizing the upward light flow. You get the light you need for the surrounding area, but you don’t have useless light being cast up into the sky.

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