Sunrooms: an Easy Way to Bring the Sunshine and Warmth Into Your Home

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Home Improvement

Bring the sunshine to an interior area of your home by building a sunroom. This is a room where you can enjoy the morning sun along with a cup of coffee or the newspaper to get the day started. It’s also an area where you can enjoy the evening light after a long day or where you can entertain family and friends outdoors without worrying about all of the pests that tend to fly around outside. There are a few ideas for sunrooms Bakersfield companies can give you if you’re not sure of where to get started.

High Ceiling

One way to provide an inviting feeling in your sunroom is with a ceiling that is designed with wood panels. Paint the ceiling white to make the space seem larger and to give it a brighter look. If your home faces the evening sunlight, then consider installing blinds on the windows that match the other decorations in the sunroom as a way to block out the sun.

Outdoorsy Feel

Companies that build sunrooms in Bakersfield can assist with designing a dining room that has a feeling of being like you’re outdoors. Hang a beautiful chandelier over the table as well as a few plants on detailed stands in the corners of the room for a room where you’ll want to enjoy every meal with your family. Consider installing a fireplace to make the sunroom feel warm and inviting when the weather is cold or less than inviting.

Skylights are an option to allow more sunshine into the room. Consider installing a switch to control the skylights that will allow fresh air to flow through. If you want a natural look in the room, then decorate the corners with plants or colorful flowers. You could also put a small water feature along one wall of the sunroom.

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