What Homeowners Can Do About Floor Refinishing in NYC

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Homeowners who have hardwood floors will have to either hire someone to do their Floor Refinishing in NYC or do it themselves. Over time, hardwood floors can start to lose their luster. That’s why refinishing is so important. It can really bring an old floor back to life. A homeowner has to decide whether or not to make refinishing a do-it-yourself project. For most people, it makes a lot more sense to have a contractor do all the work. That includes moving any heavy furniture around the home.

When a person is getting Floor Refinishing in NYC, they might want to consider staying at another location until all the work is done. A refinishing job might take days to complete. Also, the project can take quite some time to cure. Although homeowners are told they can walk on the floor within a day of refinishing being completed, there isn’t anything wrong with waiting a little longer just to give the sealant a better chance to dry. The odors associated with refinishing can also be strong. If a large area is being refinished, the odor might be overwhelming. A person can contact a place like New York Wood Flooring to find out more about floor refinishing.

After the floor is refinished, it’s important to do all the right things to care for it. Listening to the advice of the contractor is the first step. Keeping the floor clean and dry should be a priority. The floor can take weeks to completely cure and shouldn’t be put through any unnecessary abuse. That means watching the kids to be sure they aren’t eating or drinking around the floor. Moving heavy furniture back and forth over the floor can also cause problems. Pets should not be allowed to track any dirt from the outside onto the finished floor.

It’s recommended by some experts that floors shouldn’t be refinished when it’s very humid outside. Some homeowners have actually rescheduled their appointments for dryer days. Hardwood floors are porous and will absorb any moisture. Moisture isn’t going to do hardwood floors any favors. If an appointment has to be rescheduled, a contractor will probably understand the homeowner’s concerns about moisture.

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