3 Ways Air Conditioner Maintenance in the Spring Can Help Your Allergies

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Air Conditioning

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes allergy season that most residents dread. You wouldn’t think that heating and air conditioning in Chicago could have much to do with spring allergies, but your air conditioner certainly can. If you aren’t sure how maintaining your air conditioning unit in the spring can help with those awful spring allergies, read on below for some ways it will.

Takes Care of Your Filters

Changing your filters every month is something that is recommended, of course, but it’s easy to forget. If you change the filter right before spring hits and every month after, you will help your allergies quite a bit. If you schedule your air conditioner maintenance for the spring months, your HVAC company can remind you and take care of the change for you as well.

Swiping the Drainage Hole

Many air conditioning units have a drainage hole that is located near the base of the cabinet. Winter gunk can easily build up in that hole, and when the rains come, it can easily turn to mold. Having an inspection in the spring of the year means that that drainage hole will be cleaned, stopping mold from traveling through your air vents and your allergies becoming worse.

Cleans Your Air Ducts

Many people choose to have their air ducts cleaned during the spring months. This is also a great idea because cleaning them can help reduce your allergies a lot.

These are just a few of the ways that air conditioner maintenance in the spring can help control your allergies. For more information and for all your heating and air conditioning in Chicago, contact the professionals at DELJO Heating and Cooling for an appointment. Experts are standing by to help you.

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