Roofing Companies in Port Arthur, TX Install Metal Roofs

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Roofing

If you are considering a new roof for your home, you may have already discovered that you can choose from a variety of roofing materials. Regardless of the style of the roof you choose, you will find that a metal roof can be an attractive upgrade.

In addition, many roofing companies in Port Arthur, TX advocate the addition of a metal roof. This is because the building material lasts a long time, and is notably sturdy, safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

A Few Reasons to Choose Metal

In fact, according to professionals at roofing companies, metal roofs can last up to seventy years, depending on the quality of the metal. If you opt to use asphalt, it will normally only last for about twenty years. In addition, roofs made of metal can sustain wind gusts as high as 140 miles per hour. They also will not crack or suffer from corrosion. In addition, most homeowners appreciate the fact that metal will not spark or ignite into flames during a lightning strike or brush fire.

Technicians at roofing companies also note that metal roofs are highly energy-efficient. In fact, the metal reflect solar heat, which can lower heating costs by as much as 25%. Because the roofs are made of 25% to 90% recycled content, they are a sustainable product. You can also recycle the roof after it serves its useful purpose. Click here for more details.

Adding Insulation: Why It May Be Needed

However, even if they are notably impact-resistant, metal roofs still need to be inspected periodically to ensure that no roof repair services are needed. The roofs can also make some noise during a rainstorm. Nevertheless, this issue can be alleviated with the addition of insulation.

When the insulation is added, you can even reduce your energy costs even further. Metal roofs cost more than asphalt roofs. Therefore, making such a home improvement makes the most sense if you plan to stay in your home for a long time. Contact a company such as Amazing Siding & Roofing to explore your roofing material options today.

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