Type of Alternative Water Softeners

One of the most damaging forces that can be unleashed on your plumbing system is hard water. This mineral rich water can wreak havoc on the water flow in your pipes due to the amount of buildup that it can produce. The mineral buildup will cause the pipes to become clogged, which can interrupt your day to day routine. There are many water softeners and Alternatives to water softeners on the market, which means you need to be selective when choosing to make sure you get the right treatment for your home. The following are a few alternative water softener treatments that you can use on your plumbing system.

Salt Based Softeners

One of the most common types of alternative water softeners used is the salt based variety. The salt is injected into the plumbing pipes, where it helps to break down the mineral deposits that have been left behind by hard water. Before the salt based softeners were used, many homeowners had to contend with the possibility of replacing pipes that were clogged with mineral deposits, which was very time consuming and expensive. You need to be careful with how much of the salt based softener you use, because too much can be harmful.

Magnetic Softeners

Another popular type of alternative softener treatment is a magnetic based system that is set up inside of your plumbing system. This magnetic based system helps to remove the harmful deposits left behind by hard water and is very safe to use. Although this type of system will remove nearly all of the calcium deposits in your water supply, some studies have shown that the magnesium in the water is left behind. You will need to assess the hard water situation at your home in order to decide if this method is the best choice for you.

Electronic Softener Systems

Perhaps one of the most effective types of alternative water softener treatment is the electronic systems. This system is hooked directly to your plumbing system and uses electric waves to remove the harmful deposits in your water. This is the closest thing you can get to a maintenance free system and the best part is that it is very effective. The money that you pay for the electronic based system will be more than worth it when you consider the repairs it can save you from.

If you are unsure about what type of system you need, then call in a professional to assess your water situation. They will be able to test the water in your home and tell you which system will be the most effective for your particular circumstances.

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