How to Choose the Fabric for Your Patio Canopies

by | Jun 17, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

If you are adding patio canopies to your New Jersey home or business there are a few tips you can use to choose the fabric that will enhance your property more effectively.

Defining Color
Look at the materials used on your building. Consider the brick, siding and other details and try to find inspiration from the dominant color. If you want to create impact you want to look for contrast and if you want a more unified look you can go with like tones. Chocolate browns go beautifully with sand toned and orangier bricks whereas blues and blacks go better with gray bricks or concrete. If you have siding you will have many options especially for colors such as white. Stripes that are bold such as black and white will be more impactful and solids or blended stripes will be more neutral for your canopy.

Busy or Calm
If you have more texture or patterns on the fa?ade of your building it can be a little more challenging to choose the right fabric for your patio canopies in New Jersey. The more texture or flecks you have in your fa?ade the simpler you will want your awning fabric. This does not mean you cannot go with a bold color. Just keep in mind that too much texture and pattern on your canopy will be very unsettling and look mismatched with overly textured materials.

The Art of Stripes
Stripes are very common for canopy and awning fabrics. When looking at stripes you can go for bold, wide strips paired with white or more subtle and sophisticated stripes that have a few different tones and widths. The wider and more contrast in the colors the more impact and texture you will be adding. The less contrast in color and the more subtle the stripe the more neutral the look. You may also find solids with a different color trim or piping will offer a sophisticated look and help create more of an architectural feature to your canopies. Colors such as a cream canopy with a navy, black or chocolate brown trim can be quite elegant and a navy blue, black or red canopy with a white or cream trim can be quite impactful and elegant.

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