Working Efficiently with a Builder in St. Augustine

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Remodeling your home entails working effectively with a builder in St. Augustine area so you can get the look you want within your budget. A builder can alter the look of your home to enhance its aesthetic value or to increase its functionality. By implementing some tips and guidelines, changing the appearance and lay-out of your home can be fun, exciting, and stress-relieving.

Once you have chosen the builder you want to hire, call him for an appointment. This home-based visit will include an in depth consultation and survey of your home. A builder may perform this assessment or have a trades-person do it. If you don’t meet with the actual Builder St. Augustine the first day, don’t sign a contract until you do. When the builder himself comes to your home, talk to him about your concerns, expectations, and needs. Having open, honest communication can keep you from ending up in litigation.

When you consult with a Builder, have a list prepared that details the positives and negatives of getting a remodel. You can turn a negative into a positive with the help of your builder. It’s a good idea to draw a diagram of your tentative plans. This diagram does not have to be drawn to scale. Look at magazines and websites to get ideas about what you want. Show these pictures to the builder during the visit. The builder will have to inspect your entire home to verify that it’s structurally sound before starting a remodel.

Talk to your builder about any permits needed before starting a project. A builder will usually secure these permits, but you will be held liable if local and state laws are not upheld. If a builder says he has these permits, ask to see them for verification. Get a copy of each permit for your files. After a builder inspects your home and consults with you, he can write up an estimate. All parts of the estimate should be in writing. The builder’s full business name and business address should be on the estimate along with his state license number (if he has one). Using these suggestions will enable you to get the remodel you want for a cost-effective price.

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