The Most Common Plumbing Problems

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The most common Cape Coral plumbing problems are those that involve water leaks and drips as well as clogged drains. There is really no way to predict when a faucet might start dripping or a drain will become plugged, what is known is that the sooner the problem is taken care of, the better as plumbing problems can only get worse with no intervention and if it is left too long and turns into a midnight emergency it can be quite expensive.

There is only one way that a dripping faucet can head, the drip becomes a steady running stream of water. This is bad enough if it is the cold water tap, it is far worse if it is the hot water since it costs a lot of money to heat water only to see it go down the drain unused. Fixing a dripping faucet right away is not difficult, in most cases the homeowner can fix it without having to call a Cape Coral plumbing professional. It will always be a small washer inside the faucet that needs replacing, when this washer wears out over the years the edges begin to fray and water begins to find its way out as a steady drip.

Checking the type or style of washer used in the faucet is something that is probably never done in advance so the problem actually is twofold; the drip is one problem, what washer to buy is the other. Fortunately faucet washers of every size and shape can be found in a well stocked plumbing supply store or DIY shop, take the old washer out and match with the correct replacement part.

Faucets drip, they also will periodically begin to leak at the base of the handles. Just as the faucet has a washer, the handle has an O-Ring and in almost all cases it is this O-Ring that will have worn to the point of failure. Professionals who do Cape Coral plumbing often will suggest that this little O-Ring be given a smear of petroleum jelly before it is replaced, this helps to lubricate the ring as it is constantly turned on and off.

The waste plumbing in a home can also be a problem. The toilet can become plugged just as can be the waste drain from the sink. Any clogged drain is a problem and it must be attended to before water starts to spill over and damage the floor. If using your plunger doesn?t work then the best solution is to rely on a Cape Coral plumbing pro.

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