The Grand Central Terminal

by | Oct 16, 2014 | Home And Garden

When looking for a New York City apartment for rent, maybe you?ll consider one near Grand Central. The history of theterminal is what makes it a venue. Still, there are new changes that are happening all the time that transition the majestic place into a technologized, eco-friendly station.

What Makes Grand Central Special

For over 100 years, this station has made commuting easy for New Yorkers and visitors alike. When you were looking for a New York City apartment for rent, there was one thing that you knew you?d need at homepersonally for yourself when living amongst a crowded metropolitan area? lots of space. There are numerous apartments that offer that. But,when walking the streets, space is a thing that you have to sacrifice for a while in New York, at least on your commute to work. That is, until you reach Grand Central.

One of the most loved things about this historic station is that, when you get there, the experience is like no other terminal. There is hardly any rubbing of the elbows or crowded area, and you can walk without having to worry so much about bumping into other people. It?s a nice place to strollpeacefully through when you get off from work and are headed home to your comfy New York City apartment.

What?s New about Grand Central

Nowadays in America we are doing all we can to preserve energy, and Grand Central is no different than the other businesses that are doing their part to save the planet?s natural resources. As you browse the entire neighborhood that surrounds the magnificently laid-out Grand Central Terminal Station for New York City apartments for rent, you will see that there are upgrades that are being made in the moment. For example, East Side Access is now under construction, and this $10 billion project is expected to be finished by 2023. Also, the new LIRR will not have to sacrifice its comfort in order to lessen its usage of power and water. Upgraded energy efficiency is the goal with their new green design.

There are also more practical ways that the station is saving fuel and energy, and you?ll likely run across them as you look through the newspaper ads for New York City apartments for rent. One of them has to do with how the trains stop when they arrive. It would use up a lot of power to do so, so now there will be a hump in the new terminal tracks in order stop more easily and efficiently. The way that the tunnel is being built is also in an energy-efficient way. The construction teams working down there are doing their best to cut excavation costs. Instead of ripping every single section of the tunnel out, they are (whenever it is feasible) re-using sections don?t need to be replaced.

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