The Benefits of Vertical Blinds in Bradenton, FL

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Windows

Horizontal blinds are probably the most common types of blinds that you might find on a standard-sized window. These are the blinds in which the slats run horizontally and you can raise or lower them. However, vertical blinds are common on certain kinds of windows and doors. They’re popular, especially for doors that are very wide. Sliding glass doors and large patio windows often have blinds that run vertically. These blinds are popular because they can be opened horizontally instead of vertically. They’re also popular for tall windows.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are often very wide. They would not be well served by most kinds of horizontal blinds; instead, they are well served by vertical blinds in Bradenton, FL. Since they are oriented vertically, they can be opened by pulling a rod or a chain to slide them open or closed. They’re also very useful for sliding glass doors because you can keep them closed while you step through them. You can push them aside to enter or exit your glass door without having to open your blinds completely.

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High Windows

If you have windows that are up high, you might have a hard time raising and lowering the blinds. With vertical blinds that slide horizontally, you can operate them very easily. If they’re still out of your reach, you can even use motorized blinds that can be opened and closed easily. Motorized blinds open with the push of a button.

They’re very popular for people with mobility issues or very tall windows. Also, they’re popular for people who need some sunlight to help them wake up. You can press the button and open the blinds to assist in getting out of bed.

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