Give Your Outdoor Event Guests a Clean and Comfortable Place to “Go”

by | Dec 15, 2017 | Home And Garden

You have the flowers. The tables and place settings are picture perfect. The menu would not be out of place at a Michelin-rated restaurant. Everyone is in awe of the amazing setting you and your company have created for the reception and dinner. The bride and groom are right out of a bridal magazine, and after her first dance as a new wife, she has to “go.” So she walks across the candle-lit lawn, bridal veil wafting in the evening breeze, and rounds the corner to behold.

A big blue plastic behemoth of a PortaJohn.

Cue the bride muttering, “Ewww…” under her breath and wondering if she can iron bladder it until the bridal party can find a gas station or a McDonalds. Don’t get me wrong. When you have to go, you have to go, but the big blue biffy has something of a nasty reputation.

Some advice? Do NOT Google that.

So, here is your bride, seriously considering a run for the bushes because she doesn’t want to risk her expensive dress, shoes, and veil.

For caterers, facilities managers, and event rental businesses, it makes much more sense to invest in portable restroom trailers from Montondo Trailer. Supplying comfortable hygiene for your outdoor event’s guests nearby makes sense when you are running a high-quality operation, but it also makes sense from a sanitary standpoint. Handwashing is very important in stopping issues like Norovirus, or even the flu or the common cold. Besides, a comfortable, clean portable bathroom trailer makes guests feel better about the place where they’re going to “go.”

Make every outdoor event memorable for the food and the company, the exquisite presentation, and not the big blue PortaJohn. Call Montondo Trailer and see what a first-rate portable restroom looks like!

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