Top Tips for Heating Your Greenhouse in the Winter

by | Dec 20, 2017 | Home And Garden

If the winter winds are blowing in your area, then it’s time to turn the heat up in more than your home. You need to turn the heat up in your greenhouse as well. Greenhouse heaters will protect your tender plants from the harshness of the cold, which can turn them into soft, mushy messes. If you have always wondered about winter gardening, heating your greenhouse will draw you into a whole new world. Read on below for some top tips for heating your greenhouse this upcoming winter season.

Invest in a Greenhouse Heating System

Investing in a greenhouse heater will go a long way towards keeping your plants warm and snug during the winter snows. The frigid temps will quickly kill young plants so make sure you order one long before the first frost falls. These heaters not only help with cold spots but help prevent plant diseases as well.

Only Heat the Area that You Need to Heat

If you only have a few delicate plants, then heating your entire greenhouse can be wasteful and quite expensive. If you have only a few plants and flowers group them together in an area of the green house that has been sectioned off and only heat that section. It will keep your plants warm but still save on your energy bill. You can use bubble wrap to section off part of the green house with no problem at all.

These are just a couple of the top tips for heating your greenhouse this winter season. From having a heater in the greenhouse to only heating the spots you need to heat; these tips will help save your plants more than once during the season. For more information on greenhouse heaters, contact the professionals at Atlas Greenhouse for help.

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