Summertime Usually Means Mower Tune-up Time

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Home And Garden

The best, sure-fire approach to summer lawn mower service in Houston, is to hire a reputable and experienced lawn care specialist. However, should you need to touch up your lawn every now and again between appointments, do ensure your mower is well maintained. Sluggish lawn mowers can lead to some major problems, so take these summertime mower tune-up tips to heart.

Sharpen Up That Blade

Oftentimes, the best place to start is with the blade. A world of difference can be made by simply removing it, sharpening it, and checking that both sides are equally filed. Always follow the manual instructions when doing so, and make sure you clearly understand how to reinstall all mower parts.

Clean Out That Flywheel

If you have a track record of using your mower in dirty and dusty conditions, open up the flywheel section, and use an old paintbrush to clean off the fins.

Change That Air Filter

Normally, foam or paper filters need to be replaced after every 25 hours of operation. Never clean mower filters with compressed air, as doing so will damage paper air cleaners beyond repair. The risk of perforation is too high, and may eventually result in the engine being completely destroyed.

Scrape Out That Deck

Give its deck a thorough scraping out with a wire brush and putty knife. Though, before starting this step, make sure to remove the fuel tank, and disconnect the spark plug. This will also make it easier to tip the mower back and give it a good clean.

Look Over That Plug

Always check the plug after every use. Keep in mind that after 100 hours of operation, or a particularly heavy-use season, it will need a new, properly gapped plug.

Sometimes, the best approach to lawn mower care, is to simply acquire proper lawn mower service in Houston. Leave the lawn care worries to the experts, and take the summer off!

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