What Can a Residential Roofing Contractor Help You With?

A Residential roofing contractor in St. Louis typically offers

Roof repairs: Fixing leaky roofs, shingle repair, repair of flat roof, warranty work on specific roofing supply brands, and so forth.

Roof overlays: At times, a roof can be left and a layer of roofing materials can cover it to provide additional protection and improve the aesthetics of a home.

Rip and Reroof: Sometimes a roof needs to be removed and replaced completely.

Residential roofing contractors may also work on brand new builds for homes and commercial or industrial locations that are being built from the frame forward.

Beyond the above roofing scenarios there are some additional areas that some residential roofing contractors offer service with,such as:


Covering your home with attractive siding is often provided by roofing companies. Vinyl siding or cement siding could be popular options.


What better specialist to add skylights than someone who knows how to insert them while ensuring the integrity of your roof. Far too many residential homes that have done DIY skylights have had to have them repaired later on due to leaks or resulting roof problems.

Eaves troughs:

The right system is important in order to ensure leaves, debris, and weather don’t put undue stress on your roof.


A residential roofing contractor in St. Louis or elsewhere could be an excellent partner in home improvements. In addition to the services mentioned above, your roofing contractor likely has relationships with other trades and may be able to refer you, should you need help with additional elements of home improvement or repair.

When looking at your options for a residential roofing contractor in St. Louis or anywhere else, consider their breadth of service, their reputation, and their credentials so you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the right roofer for the job.

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