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by | Oct 13, 2016 | Fence

There’s a reason why iron fencing tends to be considered a high-end fencing option. Consider Ameristar Fencing to take advantage of the potential benefits of iron fencing. Ameristar is a type of prefabricated iron fencing. This means that it will be possible to purchase the fence and get it installed more quickly than with a custom wrought iron fence.

Decorative Appearance

Some types of fencing, including aluminum chain link options, tend to be more functional than decorative. This doesn’t always appeal to homeowners. One of the more decorative options is iron fencing, which typically has such adornments as rings, ball caps and finials. It’s usually black in color, which tends to look nice with most types of decor. Even though it has an open and attractive appearance, it is still very strong and provides a good amount of security.


Iron is one of the more durable fencing materials. It tends to last a long time and not require much in the way of maintenance. It doesn’t need to be repainted all the time like wood fencing, and it can stand up to all types of weather. It doesn’t get damaged by insects, rot or warp, which can be problems with wood fencing. Iron fencing is also more difficult to cut into and not easy to climb up, so it can be more secure than something like an aluminum chain link fence.

Cost and Installation Considerations

Iron fencing, such as Ameristar Fencing, is among the more expensive fencing options. It can also be heavy and a little difficult to install. However, many people find that the benefits of this type of fencing outweigh these potential considerations. An iron fence may even increase the value of your home. Before purchasing a fence, make sure to check with the local zoning codes to make sure that the fence chosen is legal. In some cases, fences can only be so high or must be a certain distance away from the property line. Some communities don’t even allow fences in the front yard, only in the back yard.

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