Invest In Energy Efficient Home Designs In Manhattan, NY

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Interior Design and Decorating

Preserving natural resources is important for the environment. It is a harsh reality that many energy sources are not sustainable. There is only a certain amount of coal and natural gas and they cannot be replaced. One way everyone can help is to live in energy efficient homes. This is possible whether one is building a new house or remodeling an existing structure. Some environmentally-friendly ideas are not so popular. For instance, experts suggest building smaller homes. This makes sense because smaller houses require less energy to maintain.

Energy Efficient Home Designs Manhattan NY are very important. A smart idea is to study home design in the area. Some types of building materials are more energy-friendly in certain climates. The desert is a classic example. Examine Arizona and New Mexico’s desert areas. Residents design large homes made of stone to keep the sun’s heat away. Look for a contractor that works with clients to save energy in the design. Some designers suggest having fewer walls that face the outside. This is a feature that can be accomplished in the design. Further, walls that face the house keep energy inside

Windows are key to Energy Efficient Home Designs Manhattan NY. For instance, windows that face the south absorb heat in summer and winter. Ask the contractor about tinting the windows to avoid these types of problems. Other suggestions include replacing aluminum window frames with vinyl ones. Additionally, double-framed windows have a gas in them that locks heat in and keeps the cold old. Likewise, keeping the blinds open provides a natural source of heat, the sun. Visit the website for more information.

The most important word in energy efficient home design is insulation. Insulation should be added to ceilings and walls in existing homes. Use caulking to make sure any holes around the house are sealed. Residents will use less heat and air conditioning in a properly insulated home. Other areas that need to be properly sealed include pipes, vents, electrical wiring and ducts. Anything that is not air-sealed leaves a route for cold to get in and heat to get out. Finally, invest in a high-efficiency furnace. These furnaces need less fuel to do the job. Call Beyond Design & Remodeling in Manhattan NY for Energy Efficient Home Designs Manhattan NY.

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