Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Use Of Plant Pesticides In West Linn, OR

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Tree Service

Insects and diseases can cause an excessive amount of damage to trees and plants in the yard. As soon as an insect infestation is noticed on a tree, or when the leaves begin to wilt due to a disease, homeowners should contact a professional. A professional company uses various methods, including pesticides, to control insects and diseases that can harm trees and plants. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about using Plant Pesticides in West Linn OR to save plants and trees from destruction.

Q.) How can individuals tell if their plants or trees have become diseased or infested with insects?

A.) A plant or tree that has a disease will often show visible signs, such as leaf discoloration, spotty leaves, and wilted leaves that drop off the tree too soon. The specific kind of treatment depends on the type of disease that is afflicting the tree. Fungal diseases are treated with fungicides, while other diseases are controlled with pesticides. When possible, environmentally-friendly methods are implemented for disease control. Insect damage to trees will be visible when examining the bark for small insect entry holes, splits in the tree bark, and thinning of the leaves. Individuals will often see the insects on the leaves of plants, and evidence of chewed-on stems and leaves will be apparent. Tree service professionals will trim off the dead branches and use one of the various methods, including pesticides, to treat the infestation.

Q.) Why is it important to contact a professional tree service to treat damaged trees?

A.) When individuals contact an experienced tree service company that employs certified arborists, they’ll have the assurance that their trees are being treated by professionals. A tree service company that specializes in treatment by using Plant Pesticides in West Linn OR are knowledgeable about using these types of products. If the incorrect amount of product is used, it can cause additional damage to trees and plants.

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