Need Help Choosing the Best Cabinets for the Design of Your Kitchen?

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Business

The cabinets in your home should reflect your overall style and personality. They should also provide enough storage that you need in the room for things like dishes or items that are used for cooking. These are a few ideas to talk about with a company that can perform a kitchen cabinet design in Philadelphia.

Color Options

If you want to create a modern design in your kitchen or give the room more of an open feeling, then consider using lighter colors on the cabinets, especially those that are on the upper levels. Contrasting lighter colors for the upper cabinets and darker colors for those that are lower attracts attention to the top half of the room where it’s often a bit more open. Brighter colors are an option to consider in your kitchen as well if you’re trying to achieve a modern look. Red, teal, or green are popular colors that you can use along with a gloss finish to bring out the hues of the color.


One way to add a bit of texture to the room is with cabinets that have a wood grain. When talking to a company about kitchen cabinet design in Philadelphia, consider the color of the cabinets as lighter wooden details can often add more texture than if you were to install cabinets with an overall darker design. Chrome hardware can highlight the lighter colors of the cabinets to bring out the wooden texture design.

Open Shelving

Instead of cabinets with doors on them, consider an open cabinet design in your kitchen. You can leave the sides of the cabinets in place so that there’s a division between all of the shelves. Another option would be to use a mesh door design so that you can still see what’s inside the cabinets while keeping the contents protected.

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