Modern Kitchen Showroom in London & Today’s Design Trends

by | Nov 2, 2019 | Business

The kitchen has long been considered the heart of the home. It’s certainly one of the most important rooms because it’s where meals are prepared and shared among family and friends. This well-used room often needs to be updated to keep up with the latest in design trends. When you they visit a modern kitchen showroom, London residents will see much of the following.

Bold and Dark Custom Kitchens

Not too long ago, the latest in new kitchen showrooms was light, bright and white. Today’s luxury kitchen showroom will yield a whole new color palette. You are more likely to see big and bold colors as part of a Zen Kuchen kitchen, replacing the bright whites of last year. Accent walls, kitchen cabinetry, design elements and tiles are used to provide splashes of deep red, forest green and cobalt blue.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Colors and Designs

The greatest benefit of custom designer kitchens in London is being able to choose the colors and designs you prefer. For instance, current trends in the modern kitchen showroom in London are moving away from hinged door cabinet spaces and moving toward increased drawer space. Although darker colors are trending in designer kitchens in London, high-end kitchens still lean toward white cabinets, which can provide a stark, crisp look against the new darker colors. You’re likely to continue seeing white cabinetry in luxury kitchen showrooms.

Custom Countertops

Countertop design in new kitchen showrooms is also leaning toward darker hues. Black is a new favorite, including black quartz and granite for countertop material. Dark browns, grays and black on countertops are complementary to any color scheme and make white cabinets stand out.

If you’re interested and ready for a new luxury kitchen, visit the website of Zen Kuchen to learn more.

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