Maintaining Vinyl Gutter Pieces After A Gutter Replacement In Carmel

by | May 30, 2017 | Home Remodeling

If vinyl gutter pieces have visible cracks running through them, a Gutter Replacement in Carmel will prevent water from pooling near a home. After a new gutter system is installed by Amos Exteriors Inc or another company that provides a Gutter Replacement in Carmel, maintaining vinyl pieces with the following steps will prevent damage and ensure that rainwater is deposited away from a residence.

  • Materials
  • extension ladder
  • safety harness
  • small shovel
  • hand held the rake
  • bucket
  • water hose
  • long-handled scrub brush
  • detergent
  • tube of epoxy sealant
  • caulk gun
  • putty knife
  • non-abrasive sponge

Removing Debris And Stains From Interior Pieces

While standing on a ladder, a small shovel or hand held rake can be used to remove debris from gutter pieces. Debris usually becomes trapped inside gutter sections after storms. Leaves, sticks and other debris can be placed inside of a bucket.Water should be applied to stained pieces to loosen hardened residue. Detergent can be used to eliminate visible stains. Moving a long-handled scrub brush over dirty surfaces will be helpful.

Rinsing Gutter Sections And A Downspout

A water hose can be used to rinse vinyl pieces. If debris is stuck inside of a downspout’s openings, inserting the tip of a hose in each one while spraying water will loosen materials. While rinsing pieces, visually inspecting them to ensure that they are connected properly can be performed. If any pieces are loose, they can be secured with an epoxy sealant. Vinyl will need to dry before sealing pieces.

A tube of epoxy sealant can be inserted in a caulk gun. Afterward, a thin line of sealant should be applied to the edges of vinyl pieces. If too much sealant is administered, it can be removed with the tip of a putty knife or a non-abrasive sponge. The sealant will dry within a few hours. The sealant will provide edge pieces with a protective coating and will prevent rainwater from seeping through.
A gutter system should be inspected and cleaned at random times throughout the year. Maintaining a system will prevent damage to vinyl pieces and will eliminate water from pooling on a rooftop and damaging roofing materials.

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