Frequently Asked Questions About Scorpion Infestation and Scorpions Extermination Services

by | May 26, 2017 | Pest Control

Many individuals are terrified when they see a scorpion inside their house. While these pests aren’t normally dangerous, their sting can cause severe health problems for some people. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about scorpions and when you should contact a professional company for scorpions extermination services.

How is it possible for scorpions to get inside of the house?

Scorpions are generally found outside, but it’s not unusual for them to travel inside the home if they’re looking for food. They often find their way inside by entering through cracks in the foundation, gaps in the windows or doors, and through small openings around plumbing lines. It’s also possible for scorpions to infest the house if they’re hiding inside a box or a potted plant that gets carried into the house.

Is it dangerous for family members when scorpions get inside the house?

Scorpions are known to sting humans and while most stings only cause mild discomfort and swelling where the sting occurred, some people can get very sick from a scorpion sting. Children are the most susceptible to becoming ill and some children may start having convulsions and problems breathing. Individuals of any age who are showing signs of serious health issues after a scorpion bite should immediately visit a medical professional.

What can individuals do to help keep scorpions out of their house?

Cleaning up the property around the house can help to control and prevent scorpions from coming inside. This includes moving boards, rocks, trash and other debris that’s close to the house. Regularly mowing the lawn, removing weeds and trimming overgrown bushes can also deter scorpions. Individuals should inspect the area around their windows and doors to see if there are any gaps or openings. If so, weatherstripping or caulk should be used to eliminate the openings. When individuals see scorpions inside their house, they should contact scorpions extermination services as soon as possible before they completely infest the structure.

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