Bathroom Remodel Ideas

by | May 24, 2017 | Home Improvement

The right bathroom design can tie your home together. If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom, but are stuck in the planning phase, the following concepts can take your dull commode to a clean and streamlined wonder.

Wall Treatment

If you are doing some bathroom remodeling in Chicago, consider changing your wall treatments. Vinyl wallpaper is a great option, if you are looking for a unique design. The wallpaper is waterproof and there are some treatments that can be peeled and stuck on. Check to make sure your wall surface can adhere to the wallpaper. There are many modern designs that are currently offered and appeals to any homeowner.

If you prefer a tile wall, there are great options when choosing this as well. Glass and ceramic tile work best in the bathroom. The tiles can be installed in a custom design to really accentuate your home’s interior. It is waterproof as well, and the grout used can be colored according to preference.


A bathroom vanity can make a statement in your bathroom. The vanity should play off of the colors used on your walls and flooring. The cabinetry should be installed according to your tastes and the dimensions of your room. The accompanying countertops can be dramatic or subtle. There are so many options here, so do some research to really make it your own. The fixtures should be just as stylish as the rest of the vanity and all aspects should flow cohesively.


The flooring should be designed to provide form and function. Tile and vinyl are popular choices for flooring. The key is to make sure you choose something that resists the bathroom’s moisture and provides a non-slick surface when stepped on. You want your floors to last for years to come without having to worry about the normal wear and tear it will receive from daily use.

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