Tips For Opossum Removal in Dublin OH

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Opossums, also referred to as Possums are some of most nuisance pests. For this reason, Opossum Removal in Dublin OH is popular due to the presence of possums in the locality. The following signs could be an indication that Opossum has invaded a home.

  • Loud thumping sounds at night coming from are the ceiling. The Opossum is a nocturnal animal. As such, it is active during the evening and might make you feel like there is an elephant on the roof.
  • Is your cat eating surprisingly more than usual especially during the night?
  • Finding dropping on the gutter, veranda, or on the furniture lying outside.
  • A weird foul smell. The smell might feel like a rotting fruit and indicates that their nest is nearby.
  • Does the dog bark more than usual at night? Does the cat make funny noises outside? The animals become unsettled when they come across the opossum.

Any of these sign is might indicate that the house might be hosting an unwelcomed visitor. It is the high time to contact Opossum Removal in Dublin OH.

The opossums are very notorious not just because of their foul smell and their noises at night. They are also known to carry disease-causing bacteria’s and pests. These bacteria’s can infect the pets and humans too. They are known to cause diseases such as tuberculosis and coccidiosis. The pests can also infect the pets leading to poor health in the pets. The rodents can cause damage to the electricity wires by ripping the insulation with their teeth and their claws.

One should be vigilant to exterminate these rodents. One should be aware of some of the places where the opossum prefers to stay during the day. Some of these places include the attic, under the porch, in the gutter, and under the deck.

The opossums are some of the easiest rodents to catch. The best way to catch them is by using a trap. It is said that the opossum has the lowest brain mass to body ratio. All in all, it is wise to use professionals to catch them especially for the people who are not comfortable confronting rodents. To check out more information on one of the companies offering such services, see

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