Keep Mold From Growing With Water Damage Removal in Bethel Park PA

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Water Damage Removal

Most people, when they think of flooding, think of rural areas along a river or creek. They don’t think of the suburbs of a city, or the city itself, experiencing major flooding. It does happen, especially when sewers back up, creeks running alongside the roadways overflow, and the highways run downhill. Some homes are in a valley where all streams run down to their level causing major flooding. This leads to some serious cleanup once the storms have passed, and the water has receded.

That’s when phones are busy with homeowners calling insurance companies to file claims on their policies. When home and business owners want superior help and service, they need to call on a company that offers Water Damage Removal in Bethel Park PA. These are companies that specialize in getting the home cleared of mud and debris, sanitized, deodorized and that checks for the appearance of toxic mold. They know that families won’t move back into the home if toxic mold exists there. Even though a small amount of mold is usually living in every home, allowing it to grow can cause allergies and problems with the lungs of those who have a weakened immune system.

Mold can live inside furnace duct work, inside walls of a damp basement or kitchen, underneath the bathtub, sink or water heater. It’s very industrious and if the dampness isn’t controlled with proper ventilation, this fuzzy substance that adheres to walls, floors, underneath stacked papers, and under linoleum will simply continue to thrive and grow. It takes calling a company with technicians that come to the home dressed in special clothing and masks to eliminate a mold problem. They also explain to homeowners why dehumidifiers, fans, attic vents, fans in the ceiling of the bathroom, and proper ventilation in the home and basement are so important to keep mold at bay.

For people with homes that have been damaged by a flood, they need immediate help from a company that specializes in water damage removal in Bethel Park PA. Log on to domain URL where home and business owners will meet a company that specializes in mold removal, along with the sanitation and deodorization of homes suffering smoke and fire damage. Learn about the vast array of cleaning and restoration services they’ve been providing for over thirty years.

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