Take Back Your Home: Professional Ant Control in Minneapolis

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Pest Control

You might be surprised to learn that ants come into your house for the same reason you do. They are looking for a comfortable place to live that offers plenty of food. If your house has the right environment, then there is no doubt that you’ve probably got a colony of ants looking to take over your real estate. But who wants to share their home with a group of six-legged creatures? One of the easiest ways to take back control of your home is to call for professional Ant Control in Minneapolis, courtesy of Be There Pest Control, LLC.

Get Rid of the Ants

One of the most disconcerting thing about ants is that if you see one, there is no doubt there are hundreds more hiding out close by. This plan for a stealth attack often catches homeowners unaware until a long line of ants starts the move in process. This means that getting rid of one ant isn’t going to get the job done. Instead, professional Ant Control in Minneapolis involves reaching out into the ant colony and setting up an eviction notice. If they don’t move out immediately, the consequences are dire.

Prevent the Ants from Moving Back In

Unfortunately, if homeowners are only looking to treat the ants they find in the home, there is a good chance that the ants are going to wait it out and then make a reappearance shortly after. The key is making the area around the house unappealing to the ants. Treating the colonies is key as well as treating the surrounding areas. As soon as the ants pull into the driveway, they realize that this house is no longer accepting new tenants.

In addition to hiring a professional to toss out the ants, it is important that homeowners do everything they can discourage the ants from attempting to take back over. This means keeping food securely covered so that they can’t gain access. It also means taking care of any spills that occur right away. The longer any spills or food are left on the ground, the better the chances of walking in to find ants hanging out in the kitchen!

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