Is Your Home Experiencing Water Damage In Palm Springs?

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Water Damage Removal

Water Damage in Palm Springs can cause lasting harm in 48 to 72 hours after an event has occurred. Eliminating the water problem and damage is more than just wiping it up with towels or waiting for it to drain. Water must be extracted from the area using pumps, and the water source must be eliminated. The building should be inspected to determine its structural integrity. A home with a basement or crawl space often has foundation issues that must be addressed. When the home is safe and the water pumped out, large fans and dehumidifiers will be placed inside to remove any remaining moisture.

Drying the carpets and furniture as well as walls, floors, and ceilings is key to reducing the chance for mold to grow. Water must be removed as quickly as possible with the proper equipment and protection gear. Restoration costs can be reduced when prompt attention is given to an area that’s suffered Water Damage in Palm Springs. When an owner thinks they can remove the water on their own, the end result is usually extensive mold growing behind the drywall, along with the baseboards, and in furniture or carpets. In addition, electrical wiring and components can cause a hazard to anyone in the area if they’re not attended to promptly.

Surface water, sewage backup, or overflowing toilets pose additional health risks. This type of water has many pathogens and bacteria that can cause severe illness. When sewer water has entered a home, it takes additional disinfecting, and many items will have to be replaced. There are special products, equipment, and protective gear that must be used for this type of water damage cleanup. If mold has developed, it can damage wood and drywall in a home. Those elements will need to be replaced. Mold contamination can occur quickly, and that is why a home must be dried as fast as possible.

If your home or business has suffered water damage, a rapid response to the problem will eliminate extensive damage in the future. Please feel free to contact us about our 24-hour emergency service and how we can help to secure and restore your property.

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