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by | Jan 24, 2017 | Kitchen Improvements

If you’re thinking of renovating your kitchen in Pittsburgh, you are probably overwhelmed with all of the design choices out there. Even if you’re on a limited budget, there are several themes to choose from, and it’s important to make the right choice, as you’re going to live with it for many years to come. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Farmhouse theme: Warm and homey farmhouse kitchens are both functional and cozy. Open shelving, big kitchen tables (wooden with high-backed chairs) and classic flooring make them easy to love and easy to work in. You don’t need a dining room, because this is a great space for entertaining.
  • Rustic theme: Vintage appliances, a fireplace and timber, stone and brick all contribute to a rustic theme that may have the ‘worn’ look but is anything but. Warm and inviting, your guests will feel right at home.
  • Traditional theme: A traditional kitchen is defined by its details, with decorative moldings, arches, raised-panel cabinets and mixed with your own personal style.
  • Modern theme: Frameless cabinets, simple yet sleek hardware and lack of ornamentation all lend credence to the modern look.
  • Transitional theme: Traditional meets modern to create a style that projects harmony and balance. This is a great choice if you love both modern and traditional styles. You really can have the best of both worlds.
  • Cottage theme: Unpretentious, cozy and happy describe the perfect cottage kitchen, which can give a glimpse into simpler times and gives the sense of carefree, easy living. Vintage hardware, soft colors and wood floors are a good choice here.

When choosing your theme, consider your overall décor and style of your home or cottage. For example, a farmhouse themed kitchen may look out of place in a contemporary or modern home and vice versa. Check Out website domain for more information about transforming your kitchen.

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