Don’t Shop For Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS Without Reading This Guide

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Carpets

Some homeowners prefer Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS over carpeting. The elegant look that some hardwood floors have is one reason for the preference. Others may think that hardwood is just a better style for their homes. Whatever the reason for choosing this particular type of flooring, there are some things homeowners need to know before visiting home improvement stores. It’s important to understand that hardwood flooring can come in three different styles. There are also different types of hardwood floors. Once a person has a grasp of the basics, it’s easier to pick the right flooring for a home.

The three styles of Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS are parquet, strip, and plank. Hardwood flooring that is strip is called linear flooring. Linear flooring is used by designers to give people the impression that there is more space in the room than there really is. Plank hardwood flooring is similar to strip, but it is made to be wider. Some think that this wider design makes plank floors more prone to moisture issues. Parquet floors can form designs that are geometric. The infamous Boston Garden that the Boston Celtics used to play in was famous for its parquet flooring.

The different types of Hardwood Floors in Lawrence KS that can be bought at Capital City Flooring Inc or another floor retailer are engineered, acrylic impregnate, and solid. Engineered flooring is composed of wood layers which are placed on top of each other and then glued into place. These floors are perfect for areas where moisture can be an issue. Acrylic impregnated floors are made of pieces of wood that have had acrylics injected inside them. This helps to make the wood more durable. These floor systems are ideal for high-traffic areas. Finally, solid wood floors are made from solid pieces of wood. These floors are easy to customize and are quite durable.

Once a hardwood floor has been installed, it has to be taken care of by the homeowner. This means cleaning the wood on a regular basis and making sure that moisture remains under control. Excessive moisture can cause something called wood rot to form on hardwood floors. Fortunately for homeowners, maintaining wood floors doesn’t take too much time or effort.

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