The Universal Appeal Of Travertine Floors

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Flooring

If you are upgrading or renovating an existing home, or if you are building a much-awaited dream home, trying to choose a flooring that will last for a lifetime is hard to do. So many types of flooring are in style today, and then seem to fade out and become dated in a few years.

The Timeless Beauty

Since flooring is a costly part of a home construction project or a renovation, choosing a timeless and classic floor that will match with a wide range of décors, colors and styles is essential.

We highly recommend travertine floors just for this reason. The floor you install today will be wonderful with a very trendy décor, but it will also be perfect for the next interior design style as well as the one after that.

The natural look of a natural stone floor has a timeless characteristic, but it never looks dated, antique or obsolete. Instead, it seems to blend with any type of décor, adding that touch of elegance you won’t find in carpet, hardwood flooring or with ceramic tile.

Color Options

One of the most common mistakes people make in choosing a trendy flooring is to go with a specific color. While the color may be popular for a few years, it is automatically dated when the next color theme comes around.

By selecting the right travertine floors, you can either opt for a completely neutral option, such as an ivory with variations of cream to gray, or perhaps a more earthy look in browns and tans. Autumn colors of golds, rusts and noce are also beautiful as well as designed to match with virtually any design element.

The flecks and lines of color in travertine can pick up the accent colors, blending in with any window treatments, paints, or wallcoverings you may choose. When it comes time to change these elements, your flooring will still blend perfectly, no matter what your next color choice may be.

The textured to polished look of travertine floors is another selling point for many of our customers. Polished travertine looks very much like marble with a smooth, reflective surface that catches the light. Honed travertine is also smooth, but it has a slight matte or satin look to the finish, beautifully highlighting the natural colors. Tumbled or brushed travertine has a rustic, weathered and historical look, giving a welcoming invitation for everyone to come in and spend time.

Choosing travertine floors is a great addition to any custom home project or any renovation. This is a timeless flooring option and one you can live with for a lifetime.

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