How to Estimate Carpet Replacement Cost in Colorado Springs, CO

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring types among residential property owners for many reasons. Its affordability is certainly one of them. Read on to find out what kind of Carpet Replacement Cost Colorado Springs CO homeowners should expect and what influences that cost before heading to the showroom.

Quality of Carpet

There are five main grades of carpet, ranging from bottom-of-the-line rental grade to the most luxurious grade. Obviously, the less expensive rental grade and builder-grade carpets will cost less to replace. Prices for these low-end carpets range from $1.49 per square foot for a basic installation to a little over $2.00 per square foot.

Mid-grade carpets are slightly more expensive, but they’re also nicer and last longer with proper maintenance. A basic installation usually costs between $2.59 per foot and $2.79 per foot.

Luxury grade carpets start at around $2.99 per square foot, while the most luxurious materials can cost over $4.00 per square foot for a full installation.

Other Factors Influencing Cost

If the installation contractor can easily remove the old carpet and put in a new one without having to do much preparation of the subfloor, homeowners will only need a basic installation package. If substantial damage has been done to the subfloor, contractors may have to do some extra work. When they’re trying to calculate Carpet Replacement Cost Colorado Springs CO property owners should consider how well maintained their old carpets were prior to removal.

If the room is an unusual shape, it can also drive up the cost of installation. While flooring contractors know how to install carpet in just about any area, it will take them more time to work around unusual architectural features.

Warehouse-Direct Discounts

Homeowners should keep in mind that the prices quoted above refer to warehouse-direct pricing. If they head to a general hardware or home goods store, they should expect to pay more. It’s sometimes possible to find carpets for sale even at warehouses, so ask about current promotions to get even better discounts.

Find the Right Carpet Today

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