Your Questions Answered About Air Conditioning Maintenance Service In Portland

by | Oct 21, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Keeping an air conditioner properly maintained will make it run more efficiently and increase its lifespan. A qualified technician who performs air conditioning maintenance service in Portland will make sure that your unit is running at its best. The information below will answer your questions about maintaining an air conditioner.

Q.) How often should home owners have their air conditioning systems maintained?
A.) An air conditioning service technician should perform regular maintenance on an air-conditioning system once every year. Home owners should schedule their appointments in advance of the warm season in case a part needs to be ordered for the unit. This gives the technician plenty of time to order the part and get it installed before the weather gets too hot.

Q.) How does a service technician perform maintenance on an air conditioner?
A.) A technician who performs air conditioning maintenance service in Portland cleans the coils and fins of the air conditioner. The build up of dirt and grime can have an impact on the way the unit runs. To properly clean the coils, the technician will lift the top off the condensing unit and remove the fan. The technician also inspects the wiring system for loose or damaged wires. The belt and fan blades are examined for wear. The technician also checks the refrigerant level of the air conditioning unit and adds some if necessary. A low refrigerant level could be due to a leak, and the technician will have to find and repair the leak.

Q.) Is there anything a home owner can do between maintenance visits to keep the unit running efficiently?
A.) The best thing that home owners can do to keep their air conditioners running as energy efficient as possible is to frequently check and change the air filter. Dirty air filters have a negative impact on the efficiency of an air conditioner, and a unit can actually stop working due to a dirty air filter.

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