When is It Time For New Heating System Installation Fort Collins CO?

by | Oct 15, 2015 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Knowing when you really need new Heating System Installation Fort Collins CO may seem a bit difficult these days. Every heating system has its own life span, even though there may be an average life span that you were given when you purchased the heating system. Some people get lucky and go decades without any problems with their heater but it is rare. There are a few signs that you need to consider a new heating system as soon as possible, so if you notice any of these things it is time to call your local heating contractor.

Is the heater acting sluggish? Does it seem to take longer to get started every time you turn it on? This is usually a pretty clear indicator that it may be time to think about a replacement. A heater that is getting progressively slower to heat the home will eventually stop working entirely, and it will most likely happen at the wrong time, too. When the heater is moving super slow, call the heating technician immediately to have the system checked out. It may be a very simple fix, or it may be time to go with a whole new system.

Another sign that a new heater will probably be needed in the winter time is that the air conditioner is not working effectively. In many of the houses that were constructed over the last decade or two, the heater and the air conditioner share equipment. The air distribution system is the same, so if the air conditioner is failing to cool the home in the summer the heater is highly likely to malfunction during the winter as well. It may seem a bit premature to call the heating technician before the weather even starts to turn cold, but by doing so you can beat the rush and make sure the house is toasty warm as soon as the cold weather comes rolling in.

Most heating technicians will give you a warranty on a new heating system.  Click here for more details about the new heating system installation in Fort Collins, CO.

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