Why Use a Carpet Tear-out Service in Greeley, CO When Redoing the Floors

Homeowners sometimes get the urge to redo their floors and may want to remove the carpet in the various rooms. Some people elect to take the time to remove the carpet themselves, but others find it easier to hire a professional to remove the carpet. A flooring contractor provides Carpet Tear-out Service in Greeley CO and wants potential customers to understand the process of removing the carpet if they are going to do it themselves. Here is a look at the process if a customer decides to do it.

Trying to Remove the Carpet Without Professional Help

People who want to remove old carpet themselves should arm themselves with the correct tools and supplies, such as a utility knife, duct tape, a dust mask, and some gloves. Removing the carpet will take approximately two hours per room, including the removal of the padding. The carpet is held down by tack strips, so homeowners should be careful not to hurt their knees or hands in the process. The carpet should be pulled up and cut in sections at a time to avoid overtaxing the back of the person doing the job.

Getting a Professional to Remove the Carpet

After the removal of the carpet, then comes the task of removing the padding. Although the work is not particularly time-consuming, it can be hard on a person who is not used to doing any manual labor. This is where the better idea comes in of hiring a professional to deal with all of this work. The professional deals with this type of project every day, can get the job done in very little time, and will handle the disposal of the carpet as well.

A Professional Carpet Removal Service in Colorado

Homeowners and other potential customers who live in Greeley, Colorado can find many carpet removal services located in the area. Aesthetic Flooring & Hard Surfaces, Inc. is a flooring contractor that provides services to customers in Greeley, Colorado and the surrounding areas. If a customer is in need of Carpet Tear-out Service in Greeley CO, the contractor is available and provides more information on the website. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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