Three Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Screen Door

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Hardware

Your screen door gives you controlled contact with the outside world. Because it’s an entryway, it sees lots of action and will eventually experience some wear and tear. At some point, it will need replacing. The best time to get a replacement is before the screen door becomes too damaged to do its job: keeping the bugs out and letting the cool breeze in.

If you notice any of the following signs with your screen door, then it is probably time to contact a professional to replace it.

The screen door doesn’t open or close correctly

Screen doors receive many different types of impact throughout the day. Besides being pushed and pulled, they are also slammed and used to hang from. Eventually, your screen door may not open or close properly, and then it’s time for a screen door replacement in Flagstaff, AZ. Even if it is only slightly off from how it normally opens or closes, you will want to call in a professional.

The screen is damaged

With a damaged screen, you’ll let bugs in and have to battle the pests in your home. Some holes and tears are tiny, so make sure to take a close look, so you can spot any damage that might be developing. The bugs will find any holes that develop in the screen. If you do find damage, then contact a company that’s experienced in screen door replacement in Flagstaff, AZ.

The screen door is deteriorating or rusted

If your screen door is old, it might be on its last legs. Although the screen itself may be in good condition, the door might be ready to retire. Look all around the door and check for rust or other signs of deterioration due to age. If you find any damage, consider getting a replacement screen door before the damage gets worse.

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