Why it is Important to Clean your Ducts

by | Apr 18, 2014 | Home Improvement

Most home owners do not give much thought to having their ducts cleaned. However, the ducts in your home force the heat and cool air of your HVAC system throughout your house. That means anything that is in your ducts is being breathed in by you and your family. The Minneapolis Duct Cleaning services you can hire will do a thorough cleaning to help remove any harmless particles as well as any larger items that might have somehow gotten lodged there.

Allergies and Symptoms

If you or members of your family seem to be seeing an increase in allergies or symptoms such as burning eyes, worsening asthma or seem to be suffering from constant colds this could actually be a result of dirty ducts. Dirty air ducts can be filled with many different allergens that can cause symptoms of allergies and symptoms to worsen or cause those who do not normally suffer from allergies or asthma to show cold or flu like symptoms.


You may not have noticed any pests in your home, but do you know what the previous owners might have experienced? You may be unaware of a former problem with rats, mice or other vermin such as insects that may no longer be living in your home, but may have been stuck in your ducts at the time they had the house fumigated. It is a good idea to have your ducts cleaned just to be safe.

Dust Mites, Pollen and Mold

All homes have dust mites and they can be anywhere in your home including your ducts. There can also be pollen and mold in ducts and in Minneapolis duct cleaning can help remove them. A good duct cleaning will lessen the amount of dust mites, mold and pollen that can be spread throughout your home and into the air.
Duct cleaning is not required too frequently but should be considered especially when family is showing signs of increasing symptoms of allergies. You can also consider having it done if you buy a home and the owners are uncertain of the last time it was done. It is a good idea to then replace the filters in your furnace and ensure your grills and grates are clean as well.

For fresher, cleaner air in your home you can call Twin Cities Steamatic at (651) 481-4991 to schedule a Minneapolis duct cleaning or twincities.steamatic.com for information.

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