Common Problems with HVAC in Evanston Systems

by | Apr 21, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

For your HVAC system to work properly and efficiently, all the heating, cooling and ventilations components need to be in sync and in proper working order. A problem with any of these components can cause the system as a whole to fail. There are a couple of common problems with HVAC in Evanston systems that are worth exploring. One such problem is a broken thermostat. This is a fairly common problem, and one that is easy and affordable to fix. A broken thermostat can cause the heating and cooling system to fail entirely, or fail to work as it should. Running the system without first remedying the problem can lead to higher costs on account of inefficiency.

A dirty filter is yet another common problem with HVAC in Evanston systems. This usually leads to poor performance and inefficiency, but can easily be fixed to restore the system to proper working order. Disposable filters should be replaced regularly depending on how often the system is put to work. Even permanent filters need maintenance such as regular cleaning. A dirty filter may not seem like an obvious problem especially if the system is still working properly. The problem here however is that your HVAC system is most likely working overtime to produce the desired results, therefore costing you extra in terms of power and other utilities.

Improperly balanced dampers are also a cause for concern for HVAC in Evanston. Dampers are located at the main supply line, and their job is to direct airflow to the appropriate rooms whether it is for cooling or heating. One sure sign of imbalanced dampers is some room heating or cooling faster than others. This can cause additional problems including inefficiency, and could cause the entire system to fail in the long run if it is not addressed.

Lastly, leaking refrigerant is a common problem with HVAC in Evanston systems. This problem is however limited to just the cooling units. Without sufficient refrigerant, the cooling system is unable to do its job, therefore leading to a hot home environment. There can also be additional problems down the line as the system’s condenser has to work overtime. To remedy all these problems and more, Done With Pride has a complete team of qualified experts to ensure that your unit is back in its proper working condition in the shortest time possible.

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