Why Are Rubber Roofing Services Pushing This Mostly New Roof Style?

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Roofing

Rubber roofs are catching on in the mainstream. They are extremely resilient to weather and Rubber Roofing Services are really pushing this latest innovation in roofing style and design. There are three questions many potential clients forget to ask when considering rubber.

Is the estimate free?

Any rubber roof installation will be preceded by a cost estimation. The experts will analyze all the specifics of the roof. They will also determine if rubber is a viable or logical option for that particular home. For example, rubber roofs are better for wetter areas and for keeping the roof resilient against wind and rain.

Be aware that the word free does come with a little pitching. Companies will pitch their vision of the property in full detail after an estimate. As a matter of fact, some clients prefer to pay for a cost estimate. It means that the company is being paid for their time so the pressure of the sale may be less.

What is included in the estimate?

The estimate is not just an assessment of the installation. Rubber roofs cannot easily be added to a property without changing various aspects of the roof. For example, the drainage may need to be replaced to fit the new water flow the rubber roof will provide. Gutters may need to be altered. There may be pre-existing damage, such as dry rot or framing wear and tear.

Is the roof complex?

Rubber is typically more suitable for flat roofs. That does not mean rubber will not work on roofs with a lot of pivots, dips, and odd non-rectangular parts. It does not mean the cost of installing a rubber roof on an oddly shaped property could be appropriately higher than expected. The rule of thumb here for Rubber Roofing Services is to always get multiple bids on the project. Even though many roofing companies are frustrated by it, do not worry about their feelings. It is business, after all.

Contact C & R Home Improvements Inc. for more on home renovating and roof redesigning. Do not forget the above three questions when choosing one roof type over another. Rubber may be just the best choice when it comes down to it. It could be the difference between a big resale and just another house on the block.

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