Questions To Ask Before Buying Retractable Awnings

If you are planning on buying Retractable Awnings Texas for your home or your business, it is essential to understand fully the quality and the options in the awnings you are considering. You don’t want to make a purchase only to find another manufacturer or company offering a superior product or the features you want.

Regardless of the dealer and manufacturer you choose for your retractable awnings there are some very important questions to find out before making the purchase. Most of this information you should be able to find from the website of the manufacturer and the dealer, but it is important to verify everything.

Warranty and Protection

Different manufacturers and dealers will offer different options in standard and extended warranties for retractable awnings. Ideally look for a company offering ten years warranty on the frame and five years on the actual awning itself. The motor and controls should also be warrantied for five years as well.

The warranty is important as it will cover the cost of replacing the awning should there be a defect in workmanship and materials. Keep in mind, your homeowner’s insurance will also provide coverage if a damaging storm hits your home.

There are some companies offering extended warranties that go well beyond the basic coverage period. This is an investment well worth considering and is typically a very reasonably priced coverage.

Years in the Business

It is very important to make sure the manufacturer of the retractable awnings is a recognized name in the industry. There are companies that start up and don’t last, typically because they provide a substandard product.

A company with a good record of customer satisfaction, especially with a dealership in your local area, is always a good option.

Installation and Repair

Having retractable awnings professionally installed is always recommended. This ensures that the awnings are properly attached to the roof or the side of the home for both safeties as well as durability.

In the case of motorized retractable awnings, the installer will also do all the necessary electrical wiring and place the control where you want, typically inside the patio door area. Having this done by a professional is important as incorrectly installing the electric component or the awning can result in motor malfunctions.

Having the dealer for your retractable awnings also able to do the repair, should you ever need assistance, is a safeguard. This ensures if you do have problems help is just a call away.

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