What is hardwood flooring?

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Flooring

There are few things that add an air of elegance to a home like hardwood flooring does, it is hard to imagine a tile or carpeted floor competing with it. In many cases, hardwood flooring in Reno NV is more expensive that carpet and tile but, it wears well and can last for years even when it installed in a high traffic area. Hardwood floors are available as solid boards, engineered flooring or acrylic impregnated.

For homes that are built on a basement, the preferred type of floor is solid wood. The hardwood slats are laid directly over the plywood sub flooring which rests on the floor joists, the result is a very sturdy floor. The standard for solid hardwood flooring is 0.75 inches, if the floor is maintained well this will last a lifetime. The significant advantage to solid hardwood flooring in Reno NV is the fact that it can be refinished a number of times, and the color can be changed at the same time.

Engineered hardwood floors are becoming quite popular as they are less expensive. The slats are made similar to plywood. On the top is a veneer of real wood known as the wear layer. Not all engineered wood flooring is the same, some have thicker wear layers than others. The thicker the wear layer, the better as it is this that determines how many times the floor can be refinished over the years.

Acrylic impregnation is similar to engineered wooden flooring. The difference is that the planks have been injected with an acrylic solution which makes them considerably stronger and more durable. These types of floors are favorites in areas with lots of traffic and are found in restaurants, shops and mall areas. For those who opt for this material in their homes, it can usually be found in the front entrance and play rooms.

When it comes to choosing which of the three variations to have installed in the home a number of things should be taken into account. The room in which the floor will be installed, the décor, and the traffic all play a part.

Before deciding which hardwood flooring in Reno NV that you will have in your home it is always best to discuss the options with a professional. A professional, with years of experience in flooring, can discuss the real pros and cons of every style and every color as well as the best finish to meet your needs.

You can be sure to find the perfect Hardwood Flooring in Reno NV for your home when you shop at Functional Designs. You are invited to visit today to discuss your needs and your budget.

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