Four Benefits of pre-hung Doors

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Home Improvement

If anyone has ever tried to install a door at home, whether exterior or interior, the task may have seemed simple in the beginning, but hanging a door at home can be very challenging even for those with experience. There is an extensive process of ensuring that the door frame is even, the door is hung correctly and can swing freely open and closed while lining up and matching the already existing latches. If there are no pre-made holes to line the door up with, then ensuring that the hinges and everything will be even makes the task even a little more difficult.

Fortunately, there is an option instead of having to go through this difficult process, and that is opting to purchase pre-hung doors. There are several benefits to choosing this particular option, in addition to the easier installation process they entail. Following are some benefits that will aide in the decision of choosing which pre-hung door would be the most viable option.

What is a pre-hung door?

Pre-hung doors may raise some eyebrows. Does this mean they are ready to go? Pre-hung sounds as though there is not much work or effort that goes into hanging them. The definition of pre-hung doors eliminated the entire step of having to attach the hinges to the side of the door that connects with the doorjamb. The great benefit of purchasing pre-hung doors is that they already come assembled (hinges connected to doorjamb), which eliminates the difficulty of lining up and pre-drilling holes. The door will already swing freely within the doorjamb because everything has been lined up beforehand. This eliminates many frustrating, tedious steps that are typically involved in hanging doors.

Options Available

There are various pre-hung doors available on the market, which leaves the opportunity for consumers to purchase the ones that will best suit their needs. They range in design, color, sizes, and the materials they are crafted from. Pre-hung doors are easier to match against different siding types and also afford people the opportunity to change their entire entryway if they so choose to do so.


Installation is a breeze when it comes to pre-hung doors. As mentioned before, a lot of the guesswork and measuring has already been taken care of, so they are the most convenient option for the do-it-yourself type of homeowners. Pre-hung doors do not require professional assistance, but specialty shops and installation experts still offer these types of services.


Most pre-hung doors come with a hollow core, but the exterior pre-hung doors have a thermal system pre-installed inside, which actually is more energy-efficient than the classic wooden exterior doors. The weather stripping that comes manufactured with the pre-hung doors is generally of a much higher quality, again, making them more energy-efficient.

Once one is made aware of the benefits pre-hung doors have to offer, the final purchasing decision may be simpler than they thought. To know more about pre-hung doors visit Nick’s Building Supply, Inc. You can also find then on Facebook.

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